A Must Have App to Keep You Connected- Remind101

Remind101 App

Remind101 App

During one of my countless hours spent exploring #edtech on Pinterest this summer, I came across an app that has found a spot on my “must-have” list. This app is called Remind101 and it is a means of communicating to parents and students via texts or e-mails- for free!

So what makes this app so special you might wonder. Well the beauty of Remind101 is that you can stay in touch with parents without giving out your personal phone number or e-mail. Your number is never revealed to your parents and/or students, and their number also remains anonymous to you.  I also like that once I send out a message, they are not able to reply to it (if they try they get a bounce back message reminding them of this).

Remind101 is super easy to set-up and should take no longer then 2 minutes. You can set up your class on their site http://www.remind101.com and share your newly generated Remind101 number with your parents in a jiffy! (Personally, I just use their app for everything).

Best of all, you can schedule your messages to go out at a later time. If you are anything like me, if you don’t do it when you think of it…. then your great thought is lost forever!

Here is a helpful video to help you get started (although it is so easy you won’t need it!):  http://vimeo.com/28086897

Also here is a Freebie! This is the document I sent home to my parents so that they could opt into my messages. Remind101 Doc Remind101 PDF


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