Sumdog – Making Math Fun with GBL


A huge trend in education lately has been the infusion of Game-Based Learning (GBL). GBL is any type of game-play that has defined learning outcomes. Game-based learning provides our students with learning opportunities that  engage them in fun, interactive instruction, while preparing them to participate in our globalized, technological 21st century society.

One site I really enjoy using with my students is SumDog. SumDog is a game-based math site, where a teacher is able to control what skills the children are learning. The site is free to use, and allows you to set up and monitor your class as well. You have the option to purchase a subscription to get progress reports on your students and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The website itself is really a fun place for the kids to practice their mental math skills. It requires quick thinking in a competitive environment. The students are able to choose from a large variety of different games.  The games are played by having users race against three other players who are using the site, which adds a competitive element that they really respond to (especially when they are competing against their own classmates).

Each student is assigned an avatar. Based on how well they placed in the games, they are able to collect coins which allow them to purchase new items from the Shop, for their avatars’ ensemble. Trust me, your students will spend hours practicing math skills to level up and get great accessories for their avatars to wear.

Check it out and I know you will love what you see!

They also have a free iPad app, but you’ll need a log-in to use it!



2 thoughts on “Sumdog – Making Math Fun with GBL

  1. Reblogged this on Miss Filip and commented:
    Here’s a great blog about a teaching resource for Maths called Sumdog. This website is centred around the Game-Based Learning approach and enables teachers to monitor the progress of their students in Maths topics. Students can play the games on this site whilst simultaneously learning essential skills.


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