Forging Lifelong Memories – Our Trip to the White House Kitchen Garden


Looking back on your childhood memories, you’ll quickly realize that a lot
of them are centered around school. It is no wonder then, that as educators
we try so hard to make as many positive memories as we can for our students
each year. On September 30, 2014, my 4th-grade students forged memories that will surely last a lifetime with a visit to the White House Garden.

Visiting Washington D.C. is in itself an amazing and iconic American
experience. However, being invited to enter the White House and tour the
First Family’s Garden is something most people only dream of. In fact, very
few people are allowed the opportunity to actually do just this. So when we received the news they could send a class of students there,
you can only imagine the excitement that this once in a lifetime
opportunity ignited.

Curated by the White House Staff, students were invited onto the White
House property where they were able to explore the kitchen garden and learn
about the rich history behind it all. The student’s faces gleamed with smiles of excitement as they asked questions and took the whole experience in. Their smiles were mirrored by those of the White House staff and secret service men who escorted the group, as they were delighted to take-in the excitement and happiness of their small visitors from New York City. And as if on cue to add a fairytale ending to the story, who should come to visit the garden at the same time? Sunny, the First Family’s adorable new dog whose visit made such an impression to the kids that their smiles stretched even further!


Interested in applying for a tour of your own? Find the details here!

Want to build your own kitchen garden? Check this list out

(adapted from an article I wrote for our District’s Newsletter)


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