Testing Treats – Candy Grams to Help Ease Anxiety

Testing time can be stressful for all involved! So to ease testing anxieties a bit, I decided to create candy-gram treats for my students last year and place them on their desks each morning. They loved the silly messages and special treats and were actually excited to come in each day in anticipation of each day’s surprise.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I turned to Pinterest and Google for treat labels that were already created by other teachers, saving me a ton of time. The prep work took a bit of time, but it was totally worth it!

Below are some pictures of the treats and links where you kind find the labels to create your own. Happy Testing!



Smartie Pants Printable




Small Candy-Gram Labels


Dum-Dum and Smarties Printable


Airhead Printable


Additional Links:

Smart Cookie

Super Cute Treat Tags

Testing Incentives

Letter to Parents for Week Before Test





2 thoughts on “Testing Treats – Candy Grams to Help Ease Anxiety

    • Thanks. I have to say, I knew they would love the candy, but they loved the message even more! They saved them all and were so excited to take them home today, the last day of testing.


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