About Ms. Zuluaga

Ms. Zuluaga is a 3rd grade teacher in a small district in New Jersey. Prior to teaching general education, she taught special education for 5 years; four of these years working for the NYC DOE. Her teaching philosophy aligns with the UDL principles that aim to make her instruction and her instructional materials, accessible to all her students. To accomplish this, she employs as many techniques, modalities, strategies, and “tricks of the trade” as possible. Recently, Ms. Zuluaga has become increasingly interested in Brain Based Learning and discovering how the brain learns. As a result, she started using Whole Brain Teaching in her classroom last year. The difference in engagement and retention in her students is incredible and she looks forward to implementing even more of the WBT philosophy and techniques into her 3rd grade classroom this year!

2013-10-31 13.59.38


One thought on “About Ms. Zuluaga

  1. I’d line to speak with your about your availability in the summer to teach reading to my four-year old. Please let me know! Warmly, Amalia


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