Testing Treats – Candy Grams to Help Ease Anxiety

Testing time is stressful for all involved! So to ease testing anxieties a bit, I decided to create candy-gram treats for them and place them on their desks each morning. They loved the silly messages and special treats, and were actually excited to come in each day in anticipation of each day’s surprise. You truly can get kids to do just about anything for a piece of candy! 🙂

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I turned to Pinterest and Google for treat labels that were already created by other teachers, saving me a ton of time. The prep work took a bit of time, but it was totally worth it!

Below are some pictures of the treats and links where you kind find labels of your own. Happy Testing!



Smartie Pants Printable




Small Candy-Gram Labels


Dum-Dum and Smarties Printable


Airhead Printable


Additional Links:

Smart Cookie

Super Cute Treat Tags

Testing Incentives

Letter to Parents for Week Before Test





Easy Mother’s Day Card Idea

MOM, I love you to…. pieces.

With state testing this week, we were very busy. However, Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I had to think of a quick way to show “mom” how much we love her. Today we set out to work and had these cards made in no time at all!




Just cut a heart out on card-stock and trace to create a heart onto each card. Next, have the students cut out small squares from tissue paper (regular paper works fine too) and glue them using a teeny bit of white glue. Easy Peasy! ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

Multiplication – Rolling Numbers

The importance of math fluency is well documented in research. In a previous post, Why You Should Be Using XtraMath in Your Classroom, I outlined the following – Math fluency is essential for success with fractions, decimals, multi-digit algorithms and any higher level math. It is based on the assumption that students who regularly practice will quickly and easily recall answers when needed, freeing up mental resources for more complex problem solving.

Multiplication is often taught to students conceptually first, followed by rote memorization techniques to assist students in gaining fluency in their time tables facts. Many teachers rely on flashcards, writing the facts 3x each, or other such techniques to practice the facts until students are able to commit these facts to memory. Unfortunately, not all students are successful with this type of learning, and they often struggle to commit the facts to memory at the same rates of their peers.

Since we know that not having the fluency of these facts is detrimental to their performance, or next step is to create a scaffolding technique to help these students until they have achieved fluency on their own. While teaching for the DOE in the Bronx, a fellow colleague who was also a Teach for America Fellow, introduced me to the KIPP school’s rolling number chants. Teaching an inclusive 5th grade Special Education class at the time, we had several students who still struggled with their multiplication facts, and needed help fast. This is the first time I experienced how effective and empowering this strategy can be for struggling students.

The chants are fun, catchy, and easy to remember. As students call out each number, they also “roll” out the next finger, keeping track of what fact they are calling out the product for.

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My ultimate goal will be trying this out next…